[Openinfralabs] openinfralabs.org repo

Michael Daitzman msd at bu.edu
Fri Mar 27 19:10:29 UTC 2020

Yesterday in Freenode IRC: #openinfralabs:
hi - i understand there are some website questions
6:38 PMI set up the initial repo under our OpenStack org, for lack of a 
better rplace
6:39 PMIf anyone wants access or needs to do updates, I'm happy to help. 
We can also accept pull requests.
6:39 PMWe're currently in the middle of updating the site to use Gatsby 
and Netlify, so if we could hold on moving the repo for a bit, that 
would be great.
6:39 PM[...stuff removed..] Is it possible to move this discussion to 
the ml?
So this mail is meant to do that.
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