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Jimmy McArthur jimmy at openstack.org
Fri Mar 27 20:02:29 UTC 2020

Thanks Michael!  Can you give a brief overview of what your longterm 
vision for the site is?  I know there has been some discussion of a 
possible blog, for example.  How else would you see the site growing?

Additionally, if you could hold for a few days until some time next 
week, we should have an updated version of your site using Gatsby.  
Currently the site is just HTML - a result of us getting it up quickly 
ahead of the announcement of Open Infralabs.  Now that it's up, we're 
upgrading it so you have better SEO tools and the ability to expand the 
site more easily.

Wherever you want to repo to live is fine, but I'd like to make sure it 
works with Netlify and our development team has access to help you 
manage the back end.  Additionally, our marketing team does a fair 
amount of the updates via the Netlify CMS, so ensuring that's accessible 
and available for those folks is important as well.

If there are updates I can help with in the short term, or any users I 
can add to the git repo, please let me know.  Additionally, we'll of 
course accept pull requests.


Michael Daitzman wrote:
> Yesterday in Freenode IRC: #openinfralabs:
> <jamesmcarthur>said:
> hi - i understand there are some website questions
> 6:38 PMI set up the initial repo under our OpenStack org, for lack of 
> a better rplace
> 6:39 PMIf anyone wants access or needs to do updates, I'm happy to 
> help. We can also accept pull requests.
> 6:39 PMWe're currently in the middle of updating the site to use 
> Gatsby and Netlify, so if we could hold on moving the repo for a bit, 
> that would be great.
> 6:39 PM[...stuff removed..] Is it possible to move this discussion to 
> the ml?
> So this mail is meant to do that.
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