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Daitzman, Michael S msd at bu.edu
Thu May 7 16:07:00 UTC 2020

So, once an oauth is created the process, if we want to continue with a static site (even a complex static site) is - make a PR, PR approved,shows up shortly on openinfralabs.org.

Double checking - these are the links for the other projects (so folks on the email list may see some of those features):

What is the workflow like for them - same approach - change via PR?

Michael Daitzman (He/Him)
msd at bu.edu

´╗┐On 5/7/20, 11:54 AM, "Jimmy McArthur" <jimmy at openstack.org> wrote:


    Thanks for adding us.  Currently your site is running on vuepress[1] and 
    the goal here was to update that to React using Gatsby[2] as the static 
    site generator and Netlify CMS.  We made that move primarily because of 
    problems we found with Vuepress as the other sites grew. Gatsby is a bit 
    more mature and offers additional features.  I noticed you recently 
    added your Manifesto in gitlab static pages and you can continue to use 
    those as you see fit.  However, you'll now have the option to use the 
    normal Gatsby pages / menu if you so choose - so you could add a new 
    section to your website and put it in the navigation menu.

    Netlify also it puts you on the same platform as other OSF projects 
    (Zuul, StarlingX, Airship, OSF.dev, and Kata). As a result, you gain the 
    benefits of growing functionality that all the other sites use (e.g. 
    blogging tools, author management, SEO management, etc...).  Netlify 
    integrates directly with gitlab[3], so when someone makes a PR or 
    updates via the CMS, the site builds automatically.  Additionally, the 
    CMS portion of this allows our marketing team to jump in and assist you 
    without using git - though anything commited through the CMS also 
    creates a PR before submission.

    Ultimately, it's your website, but we did want to get you as up to date 
    as possible to avoid running into some of the snags I mentioned 
    earlier.  I appreciate your patience as we rolled this out.  If you have 
    any further questions or concerns, please let me know.  We're here to 
    help... or to stay out of your way as you see fit :)


    [2] https://www.netlify.com/with/gatsby/
    [3] https://www.netlify.com/blog/2016/07/13/gitlab-integration-for-netlify/

    Daitzman, Michael S wrote on 5/7/20 10:28 AM:
    > Hi,
    > Just added you both to the gitlab repository as developers.
    > Can you tell us more about the benefits of keeping it on Netlify vs. using gitlab static pages?
    > Thanks again!!
    > Regards,
    > Michael
    > ---
    > Michael Daitzman (He/Him)
    > msd at bu.edu
    > cell:978-201-9965
    > On 5/6/20, 5:02 PM, "Jimmy McArthur" <jimmy at openstack.org> wrote:
    >      Hi everyone,
    >      We ran into some snags, so things took a bit longer than anticipated.
    >      However, the new version of the site is up - including ability to add
    >      additional pages to the nav and a blogging option, should you desire.
    >      The site is running off of Netlify using Gatsby as the static site
    >      generator and the React framework.
    >      You can check out the updates here:
    >      https://github.com/OpenStackweb/openinfralabs-website/commit/854957049673a58e4deb8626481309672b3d67e3
    >      https://github.com/OpenStackweb/openinfralabs-website/commit/fb1bae111a108f9fc49139987c8d0eb6db55e72d
    >      In order to move this over to gitlab, we'd like to ask for the following:
    >      - Access to your gitlab repo for users jimmytipit and gcutrini
    >      - Need to create an oauth app in gitlab for Netlify permissions
    >      - Once we have access, we can update the repo and make sure we
    >      incorporate the updates you've already made in gitlab
    >      Once that's all done, we're here to help or happy to let you run free
    >      with your repo as you see fit :)
    >      Thanks!
    >      Jimmy McArthur
    >      Lars Kellogg-Stedman wrote on 4/1/20 3:58 PM:
    >      > On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 03:02:29PM -0500, Jimmy McArthur wrote:
    >      >> Thanks Michael!  Can you give a brief overview of what your longterm
    >      >> vision for the site is?  I know there has been some discussion of a
    >      >> possible blog, for example.  How else would you see the site
    >      >> growing?
    >      > I think we should definitely plan on some sort of blog feature, since
    >      > we'll probably want a place to post updates as various part of the
    >      > project progress.
    >      >
    >      > I would vote for something of the "drop a markdown file into the correct
    >      > folder" variety.
    >      >
    >      >> Wherever you want to repo to live is fine, but I'd like to make sure it
    >      >> works with Netlify and our development team has access to help you manage
    >      >> the back end.  Additionally, our marketing team does a fair amount of the
    >      >> updates via the Netlify CMS, so ensuring that's accessible and available for
    >      >> those folks is important as well.
    >      > I don't think we have a strong set of requirements at this point.
    >      > Speaking almost exclusively for myself, because I haven't had the
    >      > chance to touch base with anyone on this topic, I would prefer that:
    >      >
    >      > - The website lives alongside any other repositories we're
    >      >    maintaining.
    >      > - Changes to the website going through a CI and review process.
    >      > - The website can be rendered using open source tooling through a CI
    >      >    pipeline associated with the repository.
    >      >
    >      > I don't know what sort of workflow you folks have around the site
    >      > right but, but if it's not terribly complicated it would be great to
    >      > move the site sources over to
    >      > https://gitlab.com/open-infrastructure-labs/openinfralabs-website,
    >      > since this is where we'll be hosting other things.
    >      >
    >      > Hopefully Michael at least can chime in on this to confirm that I have
    >      > not making things up.
    >      >
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