[Openinfralabs] Op1st community governance for review

Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Thu Dec 9 08:03:33 UTC 2021

Hello friends and fellow FLOSS travelers:

You are invited to review and provide your feedback, comments, ideas,
and +1s for this proposed Operate First (Op1st) community governance,
Governance 1.0:

This links takes you to the instructions for commenting on the document
directly in the pull request:


That is the canonical location for discussion of this draft. However, in
order to make this process more accessible, we have a mirrored copy of the
draft as a Google Doc:


We will be carrying over or summarizing any comments, suggestions, changes,
and so on from that document back into PR#107.

If you have any questions for the Op1st community and are not already a
member of our mailing list, with this link you can read the thread or join
to comment via the web or email:


If there are any public (here) or private questions I can answer or
discussions you need, please let me know. Sometimes 1:1 discussions are
needed to help move things forward, and it's my role to help.

Kind regards,
- Karsten
Karsten Wade [he/him/his] | Senior Community Architect | @quaid
Red Hat Open Source Program Office (OSPO) : @redhatopen
The Open Source Way : https://theopensourceway.org
Operate First : https://operate-first.cloud
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