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Daitzman, Michael S msd at bu.edu
Mon Jan 4 13:54:47 UTC 2021

Hi Allison,

Apologies for not spotting this sooner – I’ve cced Jen and we will get this to you.  If you have any more specifics on it please let me know.  We will also reach out to the affiliated projects (Wenju, Caerus, Operate First, ESI) and include updates.



Michael Daitzman (He/Him)
msd at bu.edu

From: Allison Price <allison at openstack.org>
Date: Friday, December 11, 2020 at 1:23 PM
To: openinfralabs at lists.opendev.org <openinfralabs at lists.opendev.org>
Subject: [Openinfralabs] 2020 OpenInfra Foundation Annual Report - OpenInfra Labs
Hi everyone,

With the end of the year approaching quickly, we’re starting to draft the Open Infrastructure Foundation Annual Report, and I’m looking for a volunteer to help with the OpenInfra Labs update. Our goal is to have the content collected by January 13.

We’ll want to include information around the launch, momentum, and milestones that the community has made this year. Any metrics that are available are great to include.

Here is last year’s report for reference - https://www.openstack.org/annual-reports/2019-openstack-foundation-annual-report

Let me know who can help out.


Allison Price
Open Infrastructure Foundation
allison at openstack.org<mailto:allison at openstack.org>

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