[Rust-VMM] kvm ioctls crate - meeting follow-up

Florescu, Andreea fandree at amazon.com
Thu Feb 7 12:28:55 UTC 2019


As I said in the meeting yesterday, I start working on a kvm ioctls crate. But while working on this I noticed that I can't just merge the functionality of the two kvm crates in CrosVM and Firecracker because I first need to adjust the code a bit to make it more generic.

Some examples of things that need to be changed in order to have one crate that accommodates both projects:

-  in the Kvm constructor we should pass the open flags as parameters. In CrosVM the KVM fd is open with close on exec (O_CLOEXEC). In Firecracker we can't use that flag because when Firecracker is started using the jailer, the jailer is responsible for opening /dev/kvm. The file descriptor is passed on to the firecracker process.

- in Firecracker we have a hardcoded configuration of the pit in the create_pit method.

There are probably some other small nits here and there, but I didn't got the chance to look at all the code.

I would also like to use std::io::Error instead of the implementation of raw errors from sys_util/src/errno.rs because the io::Error has a to_string implementation that is mapping the raw os error number to a human readable text. Is there a reason why you decided to go for a custom implementation of io::Error in crosvm?

Also an ultra ultra nit: I am making create_vm a method of Kvm instead of having a Vm constructor which has as parameter the Kvm file descriptor. Same for create_vcpu.


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