[Rust-VMM] RFC:

Liu Jiang liuj97 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 10:17:30 UTC 2019

Hi all,
	As we have discussed during the meeting, I have created a memory-model repository under rust-vmm project and  posted the initial version at https://github.com/rust-vmm/memory-model <https://github.com/rust-vmm/memory-model> .
The initial version tries to merge current code from the upstream crosvm and firecracker projects. And the most sensitive user visible change is changing from u64 to usize for memory related data fields.
So please help to comment on whether this is the right way to go, and next step plan is:
1) import endian.rs <http://endian.rs/> from crosvm
2) add address space abstraction for virtual machine
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