[Rust-VMM] RFC:

Samuel Ortiz samuel.ortiz at intel.com
Mon Feb 11 13:19:49 UTC 2019

On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 12:15:08PM +0100, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> On 08/02/19 20:27, Boeuf, Sebastien wrote:
> > I agree Andreea, and I would also suggest that once we agreed on the
> > creation of a crate, and once we agreed on the global code coming from
> > the private repo, we still need to create a clean repo under rust-vmm
> > and start from scratch with proper PRs that can be reviewed.
> > 
> > Starting with already something in the repo sounds wrong to me. The most
> > intensive code reviews should really happen on the rust-vmm repos.
> > 
> > Does that make sense?
> Yes, however there is a chicken-and-egg problem for the very first
> commit, where you would have a review for a repository that doesn't
> exist yet.  I don't really have a solution for that (I'm an
> old-fashioned fan of email-based workflows :)), but using an issue on
> rust-vmm/community is at least a workaround; reviews can still be
> performed on the commits in the personal repository.
Maybe we could define a very light process where someone willing to add
a new crate for rust-vmm should first send an issue describing the crate
and the reason why it should be part of rust-vmm. If it makes sense for
the community to have this crate being part of rust-vmm, then a
completely empty repository is created and people can start sending
actual PRs against it.
I'm going to send a proposal for this, as a README addition to the
community repo.

> In the meanwhile, should rust-vmm/memory-model be deleted?
It's deleted now.

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