[Rust-VMM] Project gate keeping

Samuel Ortiz samuel.ortiz at intel.com
Fri Jun 7 08:23:08 UTC 2019


As discussed during last week's call, I'd like to propose a light
process for PR reviews and gate keeping.

At the moment, when a PR lands in any of the existing crates, no one
gets assigned to review it and we're asking for 2 review approvals
before merging it. Those approvals should come from members of the
crate's "team", and we need to arbitrarily build those teams on the
fly based on the crate activity and contributions.

As the number of incoming PRs is increasing, I feel we're starting to
see some limitations with the above described model. While many PRs get
actively reviewed, others slightly less. Also, pinging people for
reviews and approvals is handled manually at the moment.

In order to improve that situation, here is my proposal:

- Have a team of 8-10 rust-vmm gatekeepers. 2 randomly selected
  gatekeepers will be automatically assigned to any incoming PR.
- Any gate keeper is free to assign someone else from the gate keeper
  team if she/he does not have the badwidth/knowledge to review the PR.
- Encourage CODEOWNERS[1] file additions. Not all repos may need such
  ownership so I don't think this should be mandatory.
- Any PR will be mergeable when any of the below conditions are met:
  * When a repo has a CODEOWNERS file, 1 code owner and 1 gate keeper
    approved it.
  * On CODEOWNERS-less repos, 2 gate keepers approved it.
- Initial PRs for empty crates could be handled differently and
  informally require more approvals from different people.

I guess the natural question coming next is who should be part of this
gate keeper team. rust-vmm being almost 6 months old, I think we now
have a good idea of who are the most active contributors to the
project. And I think it's logical to build this initial gate keepers
team from those initial active contributors:

Andreea Florescu   @andreeaflorescu
Alexandru Agache   @alexandruag
Alexandra Iordache @aghecenco
Jiang Liu          @jiangliu
Paolo Bonzini      @bonzini
Zach Reizner       @zachreizner
Jenny Mankin       @jennymankin
Sebastien Boeuf    @sboeuf
Rob Bradford       @rbradford
Samuel Ortiz       @sameo

Comments, disagreements, additions, etc are all very welcome.


[1] https://help.github.com/en/articles/about-code-owners
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