[Rust-VMM] Rust-VMM Logo Concepts

Paolo Bonzini pbonzini at redhat.com
Wed Jun 19 22:23:11 UTC 2019

On 19/06/19 20:05, James Cole wrote:
> After our last email exchange, I decided to scrap a majority of my
> concepts because some were too similar to Ubuntu’s mark and others were
> a little too generic. While the epicyclic gear idea generally seemed to
> have the most potential, gear icons have come to represent very
> unspecific things like system settings or unrelated things like bicycle
> shops and manufacturing. A gear might also introduce confusion between
> Rust-VMM and the Rust programming language, which uses an R inside a
> gear as its primary symbol. It seemed like a worthwhile exercise to try
> something different. 
> One problem with any iconographic representation of this project is that
> the functionality is too complex to distill into a simple visual symbol.
> I emailed Andreea Florescu for some advice and further explanation about
> the project, and she suggested thinking about Rust-VMM as a sort of
> collection of puzzle pieces.
> After a lot of iterations, I came up with an R icon that is constructed
> from puzzle pieces. It is simple, easily recognizable, and doesn’t
> depend on the functionality of the project to make conceptual sense.
> I’ve mocked it up in a few different ways to show how it could live on a
> shirt, sticker, and as a GitHub avatar.
> I would love to get your feedback on idea in the attached PDF and if you
> think something like this could work. The PDF is also available online
> here.
> <https://www.dropbox.com/s/jtpywxlqecfu7o2/Rust-VMM_LogoConcepts_R2.pdf?dl=0> Please
> let me know your thoughts.

I like it. :)


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