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Thu Jun 20 00:43:47 UTC 2019

I’m personally on the sidelines, but I do like the logo & color scheme 😊.


From: Paolo Bonzini <pbonzini at redhat.com>
Date: 2019-06-20 [Q2] [W25] [Thursday] at 00:25:18
To: James Cole <james at openstack.org>, "rust-vmm at lists.opendev.org" <rust-vmm at lists.opendev.org>
Subject: Re: [Rust-VMM] Rust-VMM Logo Concepts

On 19/06/19 20:05, James Cole wrote:
After our last email exchange, I decided to scrap a majority of my
concepts because some were too similar to Ubuntu’s mark and others were
a little too generic. While the epicyclic gear idea generally seemed to
have the most potential, gear icons have come to represent very
unspecific things like system settings or unrelated things like bicycle
shops and manufacturing. A gear might also introduce confusion between
Rust-VMM and the Rust programming language, which uses an R inside a
gear as its primary symbol. It seemed like a worthwhile exercise to try
something different.
One problem with any iconographic representation of this project is that
the functionality is too complex to distill into a simple visual symbol.
I emailed Andreea Florescu for some advice and further explanation about
the project, and she suggested thinking about Rust-VMM as a sort of
collection of puzzle pieces.
After a lot of iterations, I came up with an R icon that is constructed
from puzzle pieces. It is simple, easily recognizable, and doesn’t
depend on the functionality of the project to make conceptual sense.
I’ve mocked it up in a few different ways to show how it could live on a
shirt, sticker, and as a GitHub avatar.
I would love to get your feedback on idea in the attached PDF and if you
think something like this could work. The PDF is also available online
<https://www.dropbox.com/s/jtpywxlqecfu7o2/Rust-VMM_LogoConcepts_R2.pdf?dl=0> Please
let me know your thoughts.

I like it. :)


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