Meeting Agenda for June 16, 2020

Clark Boylan cboylan at
Mon Jun 15 21:04:58 UTC 2020

We will meet in #opendev-meeting at 19:00 UTC Tuesday June 16, 2020 with this agenda:

== Agenda for next meeting ==

* Announcements

* Actions from last meeting

* Specs approval
** Authentication broker service,
*** Not yet ready for approval but is worthy of review.

* Priority Efforts (Standing meeting agenda items. Please expand if you have subtopics.)
** [ Update Config Management]
*** topic:update-cfg-mgmt
*** Gerrit on docker updates
**** Gerritbot still outstanding todo item.
*** Zuul as CD engine
** OpenDev
*** Progress on Governance changes
**** Advisory Board thread. Clarkb will send reminders to those that haven't responded as suggested during the PTG.

* General topics
** pip-and-virtualenv next steps (ianw 20200616)
*** This has merged. Keep an eye out for job failures that need fixes.
*** Can we clean up the extra content in the nodepool config and mark the spec as implemented now?
** Zookeeper TLS (corvus 20200616)
*** is ready and will require a full zuul restart
** Etherpad Upgrade to 1.8.4 or 1.8.5 (fungi/clarkb 20200616)
*** We found a bug in Etherpad's UI in 1.8.4. Previous change works around it if we wish to deploy with a workaround or we can wait for 1.8.5 which is also fixed.
** DNS cleanup (ianw 20200616)
*** : Add tool to export Rackspace DNS domains to bind format
*** Review output of tool.
** Getting more stuff off of python2 (clarkb 20200616)
*** Many cases where we run python3 capable tools under python2 and they simply need a deployment update
*** Meetbot and Logstash tooling not yet python3 capable.
*** I'm sure my audit is incomplete. Please add notes if you are aware of other python2 services/tools that need updating.
** Trusty Upgrade Progress (clarkb 20200609)
*** Wiki updates

* Open discussion

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