Team Meeting Agenda for July 26, 2022

Clark Boylan cboylan at
Mon Jul 25 22:30:24 UTC 2022

We will meet on July 26, 2022 at 19:00 UTC in #opendev-meeting with this agenda:

== Agenda for next meeting ==

* Announcements

* Actions from last meeting

* Specs Review

* Topics
** Improving OpenDev's CD throughput (clarkb 20220726)
*** Bootstrapping bridge via Zuul is now a complicated subject. Can use zuul secrets to make it happen. Are we comfortable with this?
*** -- spec outlining some of the issues with secrets
*** -- sample of secret writing; more info in changelog
** Improving Grafana management tooling (clarkb 20220726)
** Bastion host (ianw 20220726)
*** worth moving ansible/openstacksdk to a venv?  system-config jobs first then production
*** c.f.
*** bastion host OS upgrade.  prioin-place?  new host?  wait until have time to return to some of the bootstrapping/parallel job work?
** Upgrading Bionic servers to Focal/Jammy (clarkb 20220726)
** Zuul job POST_FAILURES (clarkb 20220726)
*** TripleO and OSA are both seeing a higher than usual number of POST_FAILURES
*** We now log the target swift region before uploading logs. Next step is collecting info on where this occurs to determine if it is consistent.
** OpenDev Service coordinator elections beginning soon (clarkb 20220726)
*** In February I stated August 2 - 16, 2022 would work as a nomination period.
*** Will send email about the process after our meeting.

* Open discussion

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