Team Meeting Agenda for September 6, 2022

Clark Boylan cboylan at
Tue Sep 6 15:48:54 UTC 2022


This agenda is getting sent out a bit late due to the holiday yesterday. We will meet at 19:00 UTC in #opendev-meeting with this agenda today, September 6, 2022:

== Agenda for next meeting ==

* Announcements

* Actions from last meeting

* Specs Review

* Topics
** Bastion host (ianw 20220906)
*** worth moving ansible/openstacksdk to a venv?  system-config jobs first then production
*** c.f.
*** bastion host OS upgrade.  prioin-place?  new host?  wait until have time to return to some of the bootstrapping/parallel job work?
** Upgrading Bionic servers to Focal/Jammy (clarkb 20220906)
** Mailman 3 (clarkb 20220906)
*** Worthy of review at this point
*** Migration testing looking good. Need to test updated database settings for large attachments (including that db backups function) and redirects for old pipermail archives.
** Jaeger tracing server (for Zuul) (corvus 20220906)
*** Any changes need review yet?
** Fedora 36 Rollout (clarkb 20220906)
*** Status Update
** Jitsi Meet Updates for Meetpad (clarkb 20220906)
*** Configs updated to start with landing page for meetings. Should fix Firefox auto mute of auto playing audio
*** Discovered that JVBs rely on newer colibri websocket system for scaling out. Our extra JVBs need to be updated to function under this system.
** Stability of Zuul reboot playbook (clarkb 20220906)
*** Crashes if unattended-upgrades is running due to conflict over apt lock.
*** Potentially crashes if services were already stopped outside of the playbook run.

* Open discussion

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