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James Cole james at openstack.org
Fri Mar 22 19:14:39 UTC 2019

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the thoughts about logos, usage rights, and trademarks. A few thoughts regarding creative execution: 

If having a brand identity is something that is important to this community, it might be worthwhile to create something distinct from other visual identities in its space. It turns out a few of my concepts were a little too close to Ubuntu’s logo, so thats something I will remedy as I finesse some of these ideas. 

Although the crab concept is fun and a nice allusion to Rust, it may cause some confusion between the two projects if it is used as a logo, especially if someone is unfamiliar with either project. That’s not to say this project couldn’t have supporting graphical elements people create—especially if you’re not interested in defining brand guidelines—but having some type of brand identity is critical in differentiating a project from others in its space. In the case of Rust, they still use a primary logo (gear with an R in the center) but also have an unofficial mascot (the crab). 

A mascot is certainly something you could explore for Rust, but details tend to get lost at smaller sizes with things that are highly illustrative (think an avatar or social media icon). So that might be something to consider if anyone else is interested in creating logo ideas. 

Thanks for the feedback everybody! 

James Cole
Graphic Designer
OpenStack Foundation

> On Mar 20, 2019, at 9:50 PM, Matt Wilson <msw at linux.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 8:17 PM Matt Wilson <msw at linux.com> wrote:
>> After I learned about Ferris for the first time today (sorry, I'm not
>> a Rust programmer... yet), the answer became clear in my mind.
>> It's crustaceans all the way down.
> Ahem, I meant **rustaceans** all the way down.
>> I have attached a .svg file with a quick mockup. I am using the CC0
>> dedication to place this modified Ferris the Rustacean in the public
>> domain. The .svg file metadata includes a link to the CC0 dedication.
> Here's a .png export preview, for those that have trouble with .svg.
> --msw
> <rustacean-vmm-noshadow.png>_______________________________________________
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